#1053: Show-What’s Up With My Skin with Dermatologist Dr. Ryan Hick

Show Topic: “What’s Up With My Skin with Dermatologist Dr. Ryan Hick”

Co-Hosts:  Judy Gaman, Mark Anderson, Jennifer Marcenelle

Guest: Ryan Hick, MD in studio

Segment 1:

Today’s show is all about your skin. We’re going to talk about everything from acne to skin cancer and we have a special guest who will be in the studio with us, dermatologist, Ryan Hick.


  • General assessment of the skin – what doctors look for
  • How outward signs and symptoms of the skin can be sign of what’s going on inside


-what the color changes could mean (pale, red, purple, blue)

  • Do you obsess over your skin? Here’s why


Biomedical Engineering team at the McCormick School of Engineering and a professor of neurological surgery at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine may have just made the perfect device. It’s smaller than the nail on your thumb and doesn’t take batteries, it’s also very thin, but may just save lives. This little device can measure accurately exposure to all types of light waves, telling you exactly when enough is enough. Perfect for babies under the bilirubin lights, people who tan for seasonal effective disorder, and for those of us who just tend to stay in the sun too long. This way, the person who wears it gets just enough sun, but not enough.

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Coming up, our special guest dermatologist, Dr. Ryan Hick.    

Segment 2:

Today’s focus is all about your skin. We’re going to cover so many different skin issues with our special guest board certified dermatologist and dermopathologist that you’ll want to stay tuned all hour.

Immortal Minute

We welcome Dr. Ryan Hick to the studio. He is board certified in dermatology as well as dermopathology. A graduate of both BYU and DUKE, Dr. Hick serves as a

Clinical Assistant Professor of Dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern. In addition to diagnosing specimens on a daily basis, he attends dermatology clinic at Parkland Hospital weekly. He has served on several committees of the American Society of Dermatopathology.

  • Hick – why did you chose to go down the route of Dermatology? Why board certified in both dermatology and dermapathology?

While I want to get to some interesting and unusual cases you’ve seen, lets cover the basics.

  • Acne – what causes it and what’s the best line of defense?
  • Rosacea
  • Melasma
  • Non-melanoma skin cancer
  • Melanoma

Coming up  – Some interesting cases you don’t want to miss with Dr. Ryan Hick.

Segment 3:

We’re talking about the skin today with our special in-studio guest, Dr. Ryan Hick who is board certified in both dermatology and dermopathology

  • Vitiligo
  • Pruritus – itchy skin
  • Venous stasis dermatitis, leg ulcers
  • Interesting cases Dr. Hick has seen in his career

Segment 4:

Medical Mania Trivia – Dale

  1. Blood cells are produced in the body’s: A. Kidneys B. Bone marrow C. Heart
  2. The body needs what to produce Vitamin D? Sun
  3. T/F Tears come from the tear ducts. Lacrimal gland
  4. The body’s heat and energy is largely produced by: A. The muscles B. The blood C. The skin
  5. The body’s entire organ system is mapped out on the: A. Feet B. Hands C. Both feet and hands



LAST WEEKS RIDDLE WAS: What five letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?  A: Short

This week’s riddle: Everybody has some. You can lose some, you can gain some. You have to maintain a certain amount and you cannot live without. What is it? A: Blood

End Show

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