#1056: MM- The Power of Touch

Touch is one of the most powerful senses a person has.  This is Judy Gaman and this is your Stay Young Medical Minute.  According to a new study published in Psychological Science, touch may be more powerful than originally thought.  The study suggests that touch is more helpful than sight in creating memories.  In the study, participants were blindfolded and asked to touch ten different objects.  They were then tested to see if they could remember the objects. They were given two objects and had to distinguish which was one was the original.  94% of the participants were able to identify the object while blindfolded.  This number dropped below 75% after the blindfolds were taken off.  If you are looking to make lasting memories, try incorporating the power of touch.  This Stay Young Medical Minute is brought to you by Executive Medicine of Texas, a leader in preventative and proactive medicine. Learn why patients from around the globe trust Executive Medicine of Texas to their health. Visit EMTexas.com that’s EMTexas.com.

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